Hello! I'm Roo, a musician with a theatre degree who paints in Mississauga. I work primarily in acrylics making geometric, colour fields, fluid art and expressionist pieces. 

Since 1995, I have been serious about painting: a career spanning three decades... so long as you overlook a 24-year break to explore a variety of other careers, ending in 2019. 

As a chaotic person, I'm fascinated with order. I paint by day and admire spreadsheets, diagrams, and topographical maps by night. Themes of organised chaos and responsible irresponsibility play throughout my paintings, as do the beauty and horror of space (precisely, the Juno mission and Jupiter) and the unexpected charm of botched restorations.

Alongside these ideas, I am working to abstract and represent the complexities of communication, the dual nature of change and transition, and the notion of being trapped in transition and existing as a liminal being.

I appreciate that you took time to look at my art and to read up on me! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about the pieces available here, upcoming works, and custom pieces by commission. Just get in contact!






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